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Social media, today, is synonymous with visual content and storytelling. And Instagram is its biggest platform. Every story, post, or reel is an advertising your brand wants to convey. For those that have different merchandise lines, target audiences, locations, etc. creating multiple accounts helps market efficiently.

The technicalities of managing two or more accounts can be quite hectic without proper guidance. Here we give you the do’s and don’ts of it. 

  • Adding multiple Instagram accounts 

To add multiple accounts, and to switch between them without logging in and out repeatedly, you can : 

  1. Go to your profile and tap on the 3 bar icon.
  2. Select “Settings”.
  3. Scroll to the end and select “Add Account”.
  4. Enter the password and username of the preferred account.
  5. Select “Login.”

To switch between all the accounts that you have added:

  1. Go to the profile.
  2. Select the preferred username at the top corner.
  3. Select the account you wish to switch to.
  • Switching Between IG Accounts

Install the updated version of the Instagram app (version 7.15 and above). Log in and follow the steps: 

  • Create sub-accounts: Ensure that Link each account to a unique email and phone number. If not, you might get locked out of all your accounts if the linked ID gets compromised. Presently, you can manage a maximum of 5 accounts. 
  • Add the required sub-accounts: 
  1. Go to your profile and select on the 3 bar icon. 
  2. Select the Settings gear and scroll down to the bottom of the menu to click the “Add Account option”.
  3. Add the account name and password of your sub-account. Then, select “Login.”
  • Switching between accounts: Go to your profile and click on the username shown at the top. All the accounts on your given device will be listed. Select the one you want to move to. This will trigger push notifications from the account you just chose.
  • Delete a sub-account: Log into the preferred account from a desktop. Go to ‘Delete Your Account’ from your profile. It will ask you to select the reason for deleting. Then click ‘Permanently Delete my account.’

However, accounts once deleted cannot be restored back. So if you want to take a break from it, you can temporarily disable it instead of permanently deleting it.

  • Managing Multiple IG Profiles

1. Zero in Your Purpose

It is useless making separate accounts if they all serve the same purpose. Give a unique goal to each, tailor content that aligns with it, and ensure that your usernames are reflective of its purposes. Following that, you can make distinct accounts for creating brand awareness, engaging audiences, pushing sales, generating feedback, and reviews. 

2. Generate Unique Content Schemes

Because all sub-accounts have separate target audiences, they need unique content schemes. To formulate it, you need a 360-degree view of your audience, gather data about their age, gender, preference, and their activities online. Then, you can use these insights to post accordingly.

3. Using Social Media Management Mechanisms

It gets overwhelmingly hectic to keep track of your active accounts at once. And so, you can use social media management tools. They provide a bird’s eye view of all accounts from one interface. One can access analytics and engagement numbers on each account. One can also use social listening tools to get to know your target audience on a deeper level by knowing what your audience wants to engage in by tracking dialogue around topics.

  • Managing through social media apps

Such tools create A unified inbox for all your active accounts.,  allow you to assign chores from the inbox itself, enhances collaboration, and facilitates productivity. 2 of the most widely used apps are : 


Buffer the best fit in the market for beginners or for personal use. It is easy to use, and in fact, it is the only free trial that lets us manage more than one account. It allows scheduling posts in advance to your feed and facilitates to post from any device with the internet. It also manages multiple media accounts in one place, which saves, especially when you have to post multiple versions of the same content (link or picture). The unpaid version gives a trial to sync three accounts and schedules 10 posts per month, account per. The paid version pushes that to 8 profiles and a hundred posts per month, per account. 


Irrespective of what social media manager one uses, supplementing it with Storrito boosts it. It is a Stories/Reels -only IG scheduler. It allows us to upload images and post them on one’s accounts. You can edit, make grids, add geotags, and filters as well. You can also add videos, which is quite unusual in social media management tools.

When you have multiple accounts under your name with specific goals, social media tools help keep track of engagement rates, preferences,  important metrics for every account etc. 

Different strokes work for different folks — this becomes especially apt for IG users. If you’re an influencer with varied stakes, multiple accounts streamline one’s efforts. One can derive greater than average returns without extra expenditure.


Q. If there is more than one Instagram account, how will the push notifications work?

  1. Push notifications can come from any such account which has the facility to get notifications. That mostly depends on your last login and how many devices have been active on an account.

Q. How to add or remove Login information from a device?

  1. More than one account’s login information can be stored on your device. It can be removed by :
  1. Go to your profile and select Settings.
  2. Go to login.
  3. Tap on “Log Out” to remove the login information of the account you are currently logged into.

Q. How to post on multiple accounts?

  1. You can select the account you want to post from by following the steps given above, then start posting routinely.

Q. How to manage multiple accounts on the desktop? (Including, but not limited to, Mac and PC)

  1. You cannot post directly from a desktop. Use a social media management app like Hootsuite. It also gives other features like scheduling and analytics.

Q. How to unlink the second Instagram account?

  1. To unlink: 
  1. Go to your profile, then settings.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Select Linked Accounts, then tap [site name].
  4. Select the Unlink Account for iOS or Unlink for Android.

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