Ruzzle – The Fast Paced Word Game for Android

Ruzzle – The Fast Paced Word Game for Android
Ruzzle – The Fast Paced Word Game for Android
Ruzzle – The Fast Paced Word Game for Android

Ruzzle: After the popularity of Boggle, Scramble with Friends and Word Weasel, the developers have come up with an android app that resembles these games – Ruzzle. This is a very fast paced word game and provides a lot of fun and excitement. You compete with your friends and strangers as well and newer words are discovered. The features of this android app have been discussed in detail in this article.

Prominent Features of Ruzzle:

The graphics user-friendly and smooth and the fast and responsive gameplay provide much fun to the players. The playing is very simple and navigation is all the way smoother than ever. There is a facility to invite your friends and then play against them rather than playing against strangers all the time. The sound of the game is also nice and while playing, you have a good audio experience. Along with the gaming experience, this android app provides chat feature as well so that you can have a good chat with your friends while playing.
At the start of the game, you will see a 4 x 4 grid of letters and the words can start with one letter and only adjoining letters can be used. The basic aim of the game is to find as much words as you can in given period of two minutes. There are also bonus points for triple word, triple letter, double word, double letter and others. There would be three rounds and the player who scores a total of highest wins the game.

Detailed Features of  Ruzzle

Although imitating some of the popular word a game, Ruzzle is a kind of android app that is essentially better than all the previous such games available and it overcomes the problems of these games as well. For an example, Ruzzle does not crash continually to the point it becomes impossible to play, as the case with Scramble with Friends and Words with Friends. The easy-on-the-eye graphics of the game are another good thing.

The free trial version of this android app is available. But this has fewer features and if you want to enjoy to the maximum, a full version is required. Buying the Premium version would not be a bad choice too, as this android app is really interesting and a hell lot of fun. For the word-lovers, there is a practice mode too, so that you can outshine your friends during an actual match of the game.
Not only friends, you are allowed to play with strangers. But we insist playing with friends as it would be exciting to play with them along with chatting. The friends could be invited directly via Facebook. The game is a kind of addiction and once you start playing and challenging your friends, the fun and excitement keeps on increasing continually. It’s fun to change your partners every time. The android app is undoubtedly awesome and if you are a kind of “wordie”, it would be the best thing you can ever have on your android device.

Just to remind you that Ruzzle is also available for iPhone

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