iOS 6 Review – Pros and Cons, Is APPLE hard up?

iOS 6 Review – Pros and Cons, Is APPLE hard up?
iOS 6 Review – Pros and Cons, Is APPLE hard up?
iOS 6 Review – Pros and Cons, Is APPLE hard up?

iOS 6. OS of any d’device is the most crucial thing to be considered, before buying any cellular device, keep yourself aware of its pros and cons.

Now you have heard lots about iphone 5, the most ever awaited event and when iPhone 5 was announced thousand of hearts broken and millions of IPHONE fans got disappointed from its soft and hard cores and especially those who prefer the visual enchantment of a device

But cheer up; there are lots of things which could attract you back.

The following lines have been solely focused on the new improved version of APPLE new iOS 6 (operating system) to compete the market giant i.e. Android jelly bean, no doubt one of the best cellular operating system.

Currently this new IOS 6 is compatible with the following APPLE’s devices: 3GS, iphone 4, 4s, iPad2, iPad3, iPod 4th generation and iPod 5th generation.

It was expected that new IOS 6 will revolutionaries the GSM world and therefore anxiously awaited across the world:  what sorts of apps and tweaks it would have but frankly speaking those DREAMS turned untrue.

The Last few days’ feedback shows that it’s like an upgraded version of iOS 5,

(Because most of the apps and features can be up-graded from CYDIA or App store and you can assume it as iOS 6)

The major change that we experienced is that of booted out Google maps,

(don’t know why apple thinks it could make Google maps a secondary choice. it is interesting to know that Google has already upgraded its  maps version for IOS 6 and it is  solely subjected to APPLE’s approval.

DO NOT DISTURB features is a change u can say a drastic one, nice and very essential to make your privacy secure and brings you a bit ease in your tough and tight schedule.

Let’s have a glance at IOS 6:

  • Springboard has been blessed with another good feature, now you can add a Folder to a Dock and keep more icons in the bottom row.
  • Accessibility gets more advances for people having trouble with hearing or vision. Guided help and access now has been integrated.
  • A panoramic feature has been added to camera to shoot best quality snaps.
  • The Wallpapers option has been boasted up with “Brightness” bar.
  • Along with other improvements following are just few developments u can see in IOS 6.
  • Siri, Facebook and Face time got better
  • Safari runs in offline mode (save web pages) while iClouds tabs keep track of pages browsed
  • Privacy enhancement with DO NOT DISTURB features

Big flaws

  • Most familiar UI (themes, lock screen, icons, tabs)
  • Again there is no offline support for Apps or any Docs support.
  • Limited personalization (most from iOS 5)

The bigger size (4 inch with 326 ppi pixel density makes home screen wide and crystal clear, indeed this features of APPLE can’t be surpassed by any of its contemporaries.

They say thing aren’t changed so DRASTICALLY but we say that it must be, as you are competing the giants so have to brings something unique to rule.

Note: we are not talking about iphone 5. We do not intend to poison your ears against APPLE or iphone but we care of you most.

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