Battery life a Smartphone frailty, Learn How to ProLong it

Battery life a Smartphone frailty, Learn How to ProLong it

Since the advent of modern cellular phones, the most concerns aspect for manufacturers and consumers is their battery life. It’s an Achilles heels for smart phone. Even the Apps developers and OS constructors are perplexed to address the power issue.

Battery life a Smartphone frailty, Learn How to ProLong it
Battery life a Smartphone frailty, Learn How to ProLong it

Most of people prefer hi-fi and advance Smartphone but they ignore the fact that the more it gets advance the faster it will consume battery. For example a big screen, hi resolution pictures, more RAM and multi core processors.

No doubt all these are essential features of any good quality cell phone. So it is strongly recommended that one must care about battery that how much it will consumed when gets operated.

Visual pleasure can cast you a faster drainage of your battery life. Today’s battery’s are manufactured from rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium–polymer and its strength measured in mAH (milli ampere-hour)

Secondly faster sapping of phone battery is subjected to what sort of OPERATING SYSTEM it used?

For example RIM’s  BLACK BERRY and NOKIA’s SYMBIAN are proven standard regarding battery issue as their cell phones are giving more time while ANDROID ,WINDOWS and lil bit APPLE  are under strain regarding battery PERFORMANCE.

New Dimensions of Mobile Usage:

Gone are the days when cellular phones were used just for Calling and Texting.
Especially after the iPhone and Samsung galaxy models that revolutionized the cellular world. It has taken the mobile phone beyond conventional use. now mobile phones are turned into a Gadget or a smaller laptop like galaxy Note, tablets or Apple iPads.

Therefore most of the cellular phones’ batteries are now consumed much its capacity in surfing and browsing, social networking, gaming, eBook reading, watching videos, customizing UI, and GPS etc.

How to avoid extra drainage of phone battery:

Normal mobile usage i.e. an hour of web surfing, couple of hours of MP3 music, randomly taking calls and replying SMS can takes your cell phone battery to round-the- clock easily.

The following thing should be strictly avoided if want to improve your battery cycle:

  • Keep your cell phone off if the network is low or unreachable(no signal or poor signal)
  • Turn off email service and push notification as much as possible
  • At least usage of location service.
  • Keep brightness at low level (dim screen) and prefer to use black background.
  • WIFI, Bluetooth and YouTube devour most of your precious electronic flow.
  • Apps downloading are fun but it also hosts some unwanted bugs that drain your battery very fast.
  • Even in sleep mode your battery is constantly ditches because of the bugs installed with your favorite Apps.
  • Do not overheat or over charge your phone battery
  • Keep your mobile on ring rather than on vibration.
  • Turned off all unnecessary features like Bluetooth, camera, 3G etc.
  • Use your mobile in GSM mode.
  • Charge your cell phone with original accessory.
  • Complete one charge cycle at least in a month i.e. fully charge your cell and completely drain out its capacity


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